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Welcome To My Blog!

Hi, Anthony here!

I’m a Freelance Writer and a Content Marketing Strategist.

I help businesses win in content marketing.

That’s me above.

My business is moving mountains. To put it another way, I help businesses tell their story. Many business owners are experts in their own field, but when it comes to telling their story, they fail miserably.

This is where I come in. By the time I’m done doing my stuff… their story has transformed into a blockbuster movie!

Moreover, I assist them to reach their target market with the assurance of selling products and services, effectively.

How do I do this? By creating compelling content for them.

You can see my work over at,, The Write Life, Medium, CareerAddict, Be a Freelance Blogger, Dumb Little Man, and

Not to brag about it, but those sites worked with me because they saw something in me that they didn’t see in many writers they tried working with. That something is this: I believe Intelligent writing results from the ability to use the right words at the right time; a skill that’s required in Radio, TV, Business, and Ministry where I proliferate.

While in the broadcast media industry, I worked as a DJ. Jocks naturally rock (we usually have fun while working that’s why. This makes us learn fast!) I acquired copywriting skills lightning fast, and it helped me develop pen wielding tricks pretty swift, too.

In summary, this background transformed me into a competent Professional Blogger/ Writer/ Speaker/ and a Senior Content Marketing Strategist out to rescue business owners like you.

My portfolio includes:

  • content writing
  • blog and article writing
  • web copywriting
  • business plans creation
  • business writing
  • news writing for Radio and TV
  • copy writing for Radio, TV and websites

To encapsulate everything—I want to assist business owners (online or offline) with their needs in copywriting, content writing, and content strategy to help them generate more leads, and ultimately gain more sales.

You think we can work together? Send me a message using the form below. Due to the volume of emails I receive every day, I can’t reply to each one as fast I wanted to. So send me a message and I’ll see to it that I’ll reply within 24 to 48 hours. Thanks for getting this far.