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How To Become A Better Writer (By Knowing The Four Stages Of Writing)

This post was originally published on Hackerspace.   Just write. This is the most common piece of writing advice out there. It’s a good one. Good for anybody who needs to communicate through written words: students, teachers, CEO’s, political leaders, or writers—all can use this tip. Although, for beginners or for those who are experienced […]

7 Insightful Ways To Become An Excellent Freelance Writer

This post was first published on LinkedIn.   If I hit you in the head with a hammer, you’ll feel pain—excruciating pain. Not only that, you could bleed to death. That’s how life feels (well, at least, sometimes) when you’re living without any guiding principles. Principles run the world; even the freelance writing world. Since you’re […]

Top Blogging Tips: How to Write a Top Blog Post in 30 Minutes

I know you’ll agree, it’s the characteristic of this generation: toxic schedules! Sometimes we can’t even have a decent dinner with our significant other. Hell, sometimes we can’t even wash our hair! True? I can see you nodding there. Yes, at times even our most important relationships will have to take the back seat just […]